Weekly writing 6

Map: Amerique Septentrionale by Laguillermie

  1. List 10 details that you find interesting or worthy of note on the map you’ve chosen.

1.Map is located in a painting around the map
2. The polar bear
3. Mountains and tropical rainforest in painting from left to right
4. Map itself doesn’t have many colors (except borders)
5. North and middle America are displayed
6. Colored borders
7. Oceans are named too
8. Text is in French
9. There is a table with population at the bottom of the image
10. Rivers are drawn



  1. Choose one of those 10 details and

    1. list as many things as you can that we can know about the map from that one detail;

Detail: Colored borders. The map maker used different colors to show the borders. He used; blue, yellow, orange, red and green. The borders were not the same as they are now. Mexico is bigger and Alaska seems separated. He might have used is to show difference.


  1. write a brief essay (at least 200 words) about a question that the one detail raises for you.

I am wondering why he choose different colors for the borders. One theory I can come up with is location. For example, Alaska is placed very northern, which means that is cold over there. Mexico is located around the equator, so it can be very hot there. The color blue is a cold color and I think that is why Laguillermie used it for Alaska’s border. Orange is a warmer color and it is therefore used for Mexico. Colors can give a certain feeling. I think the cartographer used the colors for the borders on purpose. Colors in maps are mostly used for simple things like land (green) and water (blue). Moreover, for deserts they mostly use yellow and for mountain ranges brown/orange. Another way cartographers use color, which I am familiar too, is that when they draw a continent they use different color for each different country. I have never seen someone use different colors for borders though, and that it why it took my attention. It can also be possible that the map maker didn’t want to fill in all of the land spaces, so he only colored it the borders around it. He might have thought that the map would get messy or simply that it would have been too much work.



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