Reviewing Others’ Writing Portfolios (uploaded on canvas on 20/11)

I reviewed Alicia’s writing first. Her writings were getting more comprehensive over the semester. Here second paper also had more details than her first one. In her writing about how she sees herself as a writer I agree with her saying that sometimes 2 pages is enough to write about a topic, and you don’t need 3 pages to write about that. Secondly, I reviewed Sean’s writings, in my opinion he got better at expressing his thoughts on paper over the semester. I really like the story about the Swiss Army Knife, love for a sport you play is the most important thing. Lastly, I took a look at Rose’s page. She became even better in making her writings better more fluent. I really enjoyed how detailed she can write. Also, something else, I really liked how her page looked, it was very well organized and easy for me to find her writings.

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