Library assignment 10/23/2017 with Michael Kowal

7. This article is popular. It is popular because it is property of Newsweek LLC, not a university press. When you mark the box (peer reviewed), there are no results because it is about a war. Which is popular knowledge and not university interpreted.

8. Jess Denke. APA Style. Communication and Mass Media Complete.

3. Ancient Greece; a political, social, and cultural history. 938 A541g. This book was a copywriter material that was credited to Sarah Pomeroy, but also 3 other people. This means this book was peer edited and scholarly.

6. Peer review is evaluation of work by others in the same field. On the left side of the page click the underlined words stating “check for full text at Muhlenberg”. The second book is not available full text at Muhlenberg, so you would have to request item through an interlibrary loan. Volume. 64 Issue 5.

11. This entry is not peer reviewed by the strictest sense. Anyone can review and comment on wikipedia. It is not exclusive to experts in certain fields of knowledge. Why? because wikipedia is publicly accessed. There is results that are expertly reviewed. Those website will either have a .edu or .gov. A website with .com can be accessed by others.

5. Ordered by type of Geography Study. Instead of being tabs on the side it could be a pull down bar choice.

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