Free write for Michelle meeting 09/13/2017

  1. I had to write essays for certain classes in high school. Another thing I had on high school were presentations so I had to write them out too.
  2. I think fast so I can easily start writing. But that is also my weakness because sometimes I think too fast and I lose what I wanted to write.
  3. Read and hear more English so that I get used to the language more and know more words.
  4. I really appreciate Holland. This is the first time I have ever said that. When I was in Holland I didn’t like it at all. The weather wasn’t nice and sometimes the people weren’t nice. I was not thinking like this all the time but I did it sometimes. I thought that living in the United States would be much better than living in Holland. Now that I have experienced living here for I couple of weeks I started to realize that it is just me who thinks negatively about a place where I am. I always want to be somewhere I am not. I do like America but it is just me who thinks that life is better somewhere where I am not.

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