Explaining Thanksgiving

I believe that this map explains thanksgiving very well as a family fest. Nowadays a lot of family members in America live not close to each other. Jobs, college, dreams and love separate families, these cannot always be found close to where family members live. All these people want to see their families during thanksgiving and have dinner together so they have to fly when the distance gets too big. These 5 airports are the busiest in the USA during thanksgiving. On the map it also says, under each airport, when it is the best time to go to airport. For example, under LAX it says that you can get there the best before 3 pm and after 10 pm. The times 3 and 10 pm are popular times to fly because they are not too early and too late. So, this maps shows how families try to be together, by flying to each other during thanksgiving.


The map that I found:


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