Creative Writing October 16th

During this semester, we talked more about the meanings of maps but we didn’t really talk about how cartographers made a map, what techniques did they use to draw and visualize it? I think it is unbelievable that they could draw a whole continent without being able to look to it from above. They probably traveled around the borders of the continent and then they drew what they saw, which will take forever. For me it would be hard to do that because there is nothing to tell you that you are correct or false, there was no technology to control it. I like to check if I was right when I am done with something. Especially the first cartographers, didn’t have anyone to rely on. What they drew was considered correct because they were the first ones to try it. There was no one who could tell them that the shape of Europe wasn’t like what they drew. I feel like it is the same with everything in life, when you are the first one to try something you can never be wrong because there is nothing to compare you to.

Right now, it is so much easier to be a cartographer because of the satellites. I can become a cartographer by drawing what I see on google maps. It would never be possible for me to become a cartographer when the first cartographers didn’t invented map making.

3 thoughts on “Creative Writing October 16th

  1. I like the topic you chose to write about. I agree that that making a map without look from above it would be really hard. Having to correctly lay out the map, connecting all the boarders would be really hard to accomplish.

  2. I find this to be such an interesting topic to write about. You got very into detail on how the cartographer made maps back then and it really made me think deeply on this. I agree with you with everything you said because there was nothing else to compare these maps too

  3. Victor, I like your analysis of the circumstances and thought processes one has to go through when constructing a map. It is truly amazing how some maps in the past were so accurate with such little technology, though on the contrary there is a large number of inaccuracies that cartographers implement on maps. Not only in this weekly writing but in many of your other writing pieces, you tend to touch the idea of personal analyzation and correlating your ideas to personal stories which I in fact do enjoy. What I think will make your writing even stronger is if you were to provide other forms of evidence rather than personal experience. This will create a stronger foundation for your writing, and help strengthen your claims and arguments. You proclaim in the writing, that satellites make it easier to create maps, but not all maps are the same. The best statement in this writing is “When you are the first one to try something you can never be wrong because there is nothing to compare you to.” I know this is hard because I have the same problem too, but when concluding try not to state a different idea without analyzing it and moving on to another topic. I was very intrigued by this statement but it was not expanded on. Your writings are consistently filled with great ideas and personal analyzation but expanding certain aspects will make your writings less abrupt.

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