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Why is trump so enjoyable? 9/7/2017

William Mazzarella started to discuss that people chanting Trumps name makes people feel uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable because they are afraid of Donald Trump. There are so many criticisms about trump on news and also on social media. However, this gives trump more attention, all the hate motivates him more to be him. He mentioned that trump likes it if others are dissatisfied. There is enjoyment for Trump himself, his followers and his critics. You get what you need not what you want, this is how Mazzarella describes the Trump regime. On twitter Trump often uses the word witch hunt, to talk about the people want to hold him back from ‘’making America great again’’.


A Cloud of Unknowing in American Religion and Politics 25/10/2017

Stephen Prothero talks about the political effects religious ignorance has, but also ignorance in general. He talks about how his daughter couldn’t tell him which other characters are portrayed in the bible besides Jesus. It is extra ironic because they were just driving back from a bible study. He is also saying that most Americans didn’t even know the 4 gospels. In Austria, it is the other way around than in the USA, they don’t go to church but know a lot about the bible, here in the US a lot of people go to church but don’t know a lot about the bible. You don’t have to be religious, but you have to know about religions to understand the world.

Achy Obejas Talk 11/1/2017

Achy Obejas started with reading out loud The March she wrote, it was about that we want nothing about us without us. Another thing she talked about was that the men in power do not change the gun legislations (she hates Trump). People don’t die from stopping the freedom to purchase gun, they do die from gun violence. She told us about a philosopher who believed that we can all see the dead of racism, but is still happening (neo Nazis in Charlottesville). After that she read out a poem in which she used a lot of you, you, you, it irritated me a bit but it made me feel more engaged too. According to Obejas we must save the future, because there will always be one. It is hard to get content with painful history, our goal lays before us not behind us. So, we have to feel responsible for the future. In my opinion, it was an interesting talk, I really like the things she said about the future it gave me more ease.

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